I have a Master’s Degree in Literature and Writing. These are my passions. I am a freelance writer and correspondent for Harmonic Factory.

During the day I work in a cardiology office and the Tampa Bay Adult Congenital Heart Clinic. At home I am a mom, grandmother, sister, aunt, daughter and friend. I currently have one dog and two cats but that is subject to change. I am an avid reader and Netflix junkie.

Some of my earliest memories are the“bed-time stories” my parents read us each night before we went to sleep.  How I wish I still had the collection of Little Golden Books that used to adorn my shelves.  They were passed down to my younger sisters and eventually given away to neighbors.  Who knew I would wish to have them some day.

Someday is a part of who I am.  Someday I will write a novel. Someday I will send off the numerous short stories I have written and attempt to get the published. Someday I will put them together into a short story collection.  Someday I will publish the articles I have written for magazines and local newspapers.I have written lyrics for songs that my ex-husband has published and still performs. We are currently collaborating on a musical and I wish we had more time to work on it.

Writing has helped me through a divorce. It has helped me cope with the life threatening illness my beautiful niece struggles with every day and more recently it has helped me deal with  the devastating  loss of my beloved brother-in-law  who died of brain cancer. I realize that this passion of mine for writing doesn’t have a beginning or an end. It is who I am. It is who I always have been.

I have recently learned that someday can also be today. In that regard, I have finally published the story I wrote for my beautiful and amazing niece, Angel. You can find it on Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/White-Bears-Adventure-Marie-Cheine-ebook/dp/B01N5PW7MD

So where will I be five years from now or ten years from now? I don’t know.  If I am alive and have a computer or paper and pen, I will be writing.

Thank you for stopping by and reading some of my work.  Leave me a comment if you want to. I’d be honored to get feedback and get to know you.





  1. I can’t wait to read more. The internet has changed so many things for so many people. I am far from an educated writer, but I have the opportunity to express me. I get to read from people who have so much experience and education to people who have less experience and education than myself. The internet allows for self growth. Keep writing, Keep sharing and hopefully it catches the attention of others. Surely has my attention.


  2. How did I not see this until now? What a lovely and uplifting introduction! Just so you 🙂 I can’t tell you how grateful I am that we are connected…such a privilege my friend 🙂


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