Don’t you just love it when you come back from the bathroom and find your food waiting for you? (Pulp Fiction)


Seems like the best movie I can think of when I have finally started writing again.

Even if you are not a Quinton Tarantino fan, go see this movie.  If only for the sets, the props and the costumes you will love it. The movie is a visual masterpiece.  Get lost in old Hollywood, and carry yourself away into Tarantino’s world like a good fairy tale. Take a sentimental walk down memory lane, when television played in black and white and movies were only seen in a theater; Spaghetti Westerns, of course.

Besides the obvious chemistry between the two actors, Brad Pitt who plays the stunt double Cliff Booth for his longtime friend and actor Rick Dalton, played by Leonard DiCaprio, are both  magic.  It would be almost impossible to decide whether their comedy or violence plays better on the screen.

It is a slow build to the anticipated Tarantino violence, but it is worth the wait. Spoiler alert: the scene with the flame thrower is so funny that it will put to rest the question, “who is the best superhero?”

Actually, it is the kind of movie that you talk about long after you have driven home from the theater.  It is the kind of movie that has to be seen twice to pick up all the things missed the first time around.

The lead up to the Sharon Tate murder is gut-wrenching for those who know the story.  Yet, you must remember, this is a violent/comedic story. It will leave you with the reminder that it is aptly named “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”  It is a story that turns facts into fiction and reminds you that “what if” is only in the movies.