Camp Algiers

Abandoned Southeast

Camp AlgiersCamp Algierswas a former embarkation facilityalong the MississippiRiver that was used as a Naziinternment camp during World War II. The internees included men, women, and children who had been detained by FBI agents in Latin America and brought back to the United States. Most of the internees were actually Jewish refugees who had fled Europe from the Nazis.

Camp AlgiersIn 1941, the Roosevelt administration asked FBI agents to find any Nazis hiding in Latin America. The secretive program, called the Enemy Alien Control Program, was run by the State Department, and in many ways illegal. It was against the law at that timefor the United States to seize individuals outside of the country. The State Department was able to get around this by refusing to issue entry visas for the Latin Americandeportees. When they arrived to the Port of New Orleans without papers, they were denied visas. They were arrested on…

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  1. Absolutely breaks my heart to see these beautiful old buildings destroyed. I lived there with my family from 1948 until it closed and then my Dad and the family stayed on for some time after that as he officially became caretaker of the area until the Border Patrol and NOPD moved into the buildings. We actually lived in the house where the PD is or was located. Both sets of Grandparents lived in the only double house on the station before we moved there. Essentially some member of our family had lived on the station from when it was build until it was closed. I even have pictures of some of the houses being constructed. Happy, happy memories of the U. S. Quarantine Station as it was a super place to grow up.


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