New Netflix Quandary


Binge watching series TV has become one of my favorite past times.  I particularly like the very long lasting shows, Criminal Minds, Gray’s Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, Parenthood, Once Upon a Time…you get the idea.  Usually after a series ends it takes me a day or two to sample shows to decide what to watch next.  Sometimes I do “interim” binging like catching up on easy to watch shows like Baby Daddy, or catch an episode of How I Met Your Mother or Parks and Recreation. Now, I have a new quandary.

What to do when you find a show that you really like, it’s late, another night of insomnia and the last episode of season one has just ended and instead of going to season two, you are right back at episode one, season one!

Yes, the one-hit wonder quandary.

It just happened to me. Finished Criminal Minds. Finished Gray’s Anatomy. Searched and found a new show: A Gifted Man.

I really liked the show.  Uptown Neurosurgeon runs into his ex-wife. She had been working in a free clinic downtown.  Kicker is (SPOILER ALERT) she is dead.  He is the only one who can see her. The remainder of the ensemble cast either work in the Neurosurgeon’s hospital or the downtown clinic.  Love is in the air, really good story line, one I could have gotten involved in;  one I could have discussed with my niece, Angel, as we are the binge watching team.  But alas, not to be.  A quick Google search revealed the show was gone after one season.

It got me thinking, maybe I should binge watch one-hit wonders for a while.  It would be interesting to see how many there are on Netflix.  It would be more interesting to find out why the shows don’t make it.  A Gifted Man, in my humble opinion, should have gone on for years, like NCIS…


  1. I’m with you….binge watching on Netflix is fantastic….and, finding a long running season is most definitely satisfying…I remember, having first discovered this pastime, holding my breath as I clicked what I hope would not be the last episode of a show–and the relief that flooded me when a new episode revealed itself. One of my favourites is “Psych”….there are 8 seasons and I’ve watched each one at least 3 times (the first time, in chronological order, and after that, I mixed it up). One or two season shows do leave you feeling like you were reading an awesome book, only to find vital pages missing….such a let down. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. Oh, so much good TV to watch. And yes. Gifted man. It’s good. And it’s ok as a short season. Grey’s Bits is about to wrap up, so it will make room for another few shows. Yes, we will both grieve but we got over the loss of House(with Hugh Laurey) but, just yeah!

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