imageMy friend and I found this guy today in a deplorable condition. We named him Mikey,  scooped him up, and brought him to two different vets for advice. Many hours and hundreds of dollars later I learned he has a skin condition that is contagious to humans (not to mention he has two horrible ear infections and he is at least 15-20 pounds underweight).

Since my niece has a new transplant and no immune system and I am on immunosuppressive meds for RA, my new friend is again homeless.

I can’t stop crying or looking at the millions of pictures I took of him today. For a very short time I touched his beautiful heart and he mine. I am hoping against hope my friend can rescue him on Tuesday and her friend can watch him for six weeks of treatment. If that works out then he can have a real home and a real family. Until then, he is in a shelter and that doesn’t always go very well.

I am heart broken. I never knew how much this rescue business hurts. God bless all those who do it. It is unrealistic, I guess, to think we can save them all. Wouldn’t it be great if it were possible?