Supernatural – Netflix Style

Yes, I am an Netflix junkie. For someone who works as many hours a week as I do, I am finding sleep is getting in the way of my Netflix viewing.  In fact, work is getting in the way, too.

So my sister and my niece have been bugging me to watch Supernatural for quite a while. I did watch parts of the first episode about five times, but never thought it worthy of my precious viewing time.  That is until I came up with a plan:

I agree to watch one episode of Supernatural and they have to watch one episode of Parenthood. We discuss, and we move on to the next episode.  They agreed.

Let’s just be clear, neither of them has kept up with the bargain. In fact, I have inside information that they are currently watching General Hospital.

Nevertheless, I am plugging away with my part of the deal, good guy that I am. Yet, even this early in Season One, I have issues.

  1. So far, it seems like every episode starts with something really scary.  Since I was a kid I have had issues with scary.  I used to make my friends lock the doors and turn out the lights if we watched something scary so that shadows didn’t freak me out. I used to sleep over at my friend Phyllis’s house after watching Twilight Zone because I didn’t want to drive home alone.  When I was young I used to get a running start and leap onto my bed at night because I was afraid to get my feet too close to the edge of the bed (you know, someone under there could grab me).  You get the idea.  In each episode of Supernatural I have seen I have had to close my eyes and just “listen” at least once.  My sister and my niece did not warn me about this.
  2. Since I never finished Episode One, Season One, there are things I don’t know and my sister will only tell me, “keep watching and you will figure it out.”  This, too, is unacceptable and I think I deserve better than that.
  3. Season One, Episode 12, “Faith.” A Preacher claims to be a healer.  There is a lovely young lady with a brain tumor who needs to be healed but Sam and Dean naturally have to find out the truth behind the healings. They learn that black magic is behind the healings (the Reaper comes for a person of “ill-repute” in exchange for the life of the “good guy” who gets to be healed).  So the brothers stop the process because they say no one can “play” God, and the brain tumor lady doesn’t get saved.  Now isn’t that a bit problematic?  Are they not playing God by deciding the brain tumor girl can’t get healed?

Finally, after complaining about the show for so long, I find it hard to believe that it is now 1:00 in the morning, I need to get up for work at 5:30, and I am currently watching Season One, Episode 13.  I will probably fall asleep before the end and have to watch it again, but somehow that doesn’t seem so bad.

I am looking forward to discussing Parenthood with my sister and my niece. After that, they can watch Charmed so that we can all cry about the final episode together. That, my friends, was viewing perfection.

Drop me a line and let me know what you are currently binge watching. It’s kind of fun, isn’t it?


  1. as you know we are binge watchers. We did make this agreement, true but we are smack in the middle of Mad men and can’t stop. We are on season 4 and clearly we will be to parenthood by the beginning of the week I am sure. Sam and Dean never play God, unless one of their lives fall in the balance, then well you know you do what you have to do, especially Dean, I only saw the first few of season one and I do know that some people found some of them scary. I also know like anything else there are plot holes. I don’t believe anyone thought the show was going anywhere and well then it just did. My son was so desperate for me to become addicted to the show that he skipped me right past the end of first season where the true drama starts and the scary stuff is more background. I will admit there is a few silly episodes in the later seasons, even one in season 10 that made me roll my eyes but over all as the story unfolds I am certain you will love it that is why we pushed. Plus you love us and will put up with our shenanigans , well because we are us! When we finished Gilmore Girls we googled what shows compare to Gilmore Girls and every site led us to Supernatural and Parenthood. We did start Charmed at the same time as Mad Men, but somehow Mad Men came first. With so much tv sleep and life sure do get in the way. Good thing my others shows are all on break so I can spend time getting through all of these shows 🙂 , now back to sleep for a little while at least


  2. Oh, my gosh….I am beyond thrilled that I have stumbled across you (well, not literally…that would be so awkward…and, in this context, Supernatural since we’ve never met face-to-face 🙂 ). Anyway, my point is this…you are soooooo charming and amusing and wonderfully-entertaining. As for Supernatural, I got as far as the end of Season 5….one of my workmates/friends loves–and, I do mean Loves! it. I really enjoyed it (despite so many cringe-inducing scenes) until the intensity level got to be too much….and, another thing you and I have in common is a love of Netflix…although, I’ve never watched “Parenthood”. One of my recent favourites is the show “Psych”…I’ve watched every episode….the vast majority of them at least twice….and final commonality…I should have been sleeping for these past couple hours and I am going to have to muster all the energy I can for work today. Reading your post was certainly worth it, though….I look forward to reading a bunch more when I get home…thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. Yeah, i was once a binge serial watcher. But nowadays i am concerned about my health so i refrain myself from watching 2 episodes continuously of any serial on a day.

    It helps certainly and i always look forward to watching next episode without getting fed up by it.

    By the keep it up.

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